Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The DTV transition finally bit me...

...but not for the reason you may think.

For a few years now I have grown accustomed to listening to my local TV channel 6 on FM radios (at 87.7MHz). This was good if I was traveling throughout Central Florida for work during news-hour, as I could listen to the news while driving. I see that this is common with most channel 6 stations across the US, as 87.7MHz is the frequency on which channel 6 operates.

Well, the DTV transition has had an unfortunate (and quiet) side-effect. As the analog broadcasts stopped, so did this audio "bleed-over" that I enjoy so much. This means that channel 6 no longer "simulcasts" on my FM radio. My only hope for local news on the radio now is to catch an occasional headline reading on one of the music stations (or I can wait for a natural disaster--like the typical hurricanes we get in Florida).

Currently, channel 6 is broadcasting a DTV help-video on the analog airwaves, which many stations have been allowed to do to alleviate consumer confusion over the transition. This broadcast does play on my radio; however, it doesn't tell me how traffic is doing on I-4!

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Anonymous said...

yea....I remember listening to M.A.S.H. on the radio, as well as the news. didnt even think of this as a side effect. good post homie.


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